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About Tony


Tony Pordon creates stuff. Print stuff, web stuff, you name it. Tony is constantly trying to expand his range of abilities and is happiest when learning new software or techniques. Tony also feels weird writing about himself in the third person and is going to go lie down for awhile.


your first impression to make with a potential client. like all first impressions, it should be vital.


is the force that unleashes creativity; if you're passionate about something, you're more willing to take risks.


because what good is it to have a pretty design if it's dumber than a box of hammers?


the education of circumstance is superior to that of tuition [wordsworth]. it is the source of all true art and science.


Whether you're creating a new brand, breathing new life to an existing concept, or communicating a core marketing message, I can deliver an array of creative and design services to a diverse field of indusry.

Experience. [Been there, done that]

With 15+ Years of experience in design, chances are I've seen just about every problem there is to see. Since I'm still here, I must really love it (or must be really dumb).

Versatility. [Might enjoy doing that]

Heinlein said "Specialization is for insects" and I agree. Working with a vast array of design disciplines, I've learned to wear a lot of different hats. And I hope I can keep finding more (does the hat metaphor work?).



This is the software I use every day:
Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Dreamweaver Flash Fireworks
After 15+ years in the industry, I've learned a few things. Namely:
Javascript/JQuery — 3 years Experience
HTML5/CSS3 — 9 years Experience
Digital Design — 12 years Experience
Print Design — 7 years Experience


Get in touch if you have any questions/comments/rants. Or if you just want to talk about music or videogames. I'm not much of a talker but I hear I'm an excellent listener.

how to contact

Feel free to reach out with this form, or shoot me a direct line for conversations that require more attention. Just don't try to sell me discount pharmaceuticals, because I hate that.